Meet Luke Hejl, CEO of TimelyCare | Faros Health Advisor

April 29, 2024

Rocks, Rabbits, and Roots

From selling rocks by the side of the road to launching a successful rabbit breeding venture, I’ve been an entrepreneur since childhood. I was inspired by my father and grandfather, who were both entrepreneurs. These early experiences instilled a passion for innovation and a desire to make a difference through meaningful work.

From Advertising to Transformative Healthcare

I began my career in advertising and honed my entrepreneurial experience as one of the first employees at Doctors in Training and later as CEO of Social Factor. My career took a pivotal turn when I discovered the intersection of higher education, healthcare, digital transformation, and social impact. It was here that I found my calling. In 2017, I co-founded TimelyCare, aiming to dismantle the barriers to accessible healthcare for university students, providing them with a no-cost solution to learn and take charge of their health and wellbeing. Today TimelyCare has delivered clinical care to 2.3+ million students at 350+ campuses nationwide.

Some of the Best Advice I've Received  

As a leader, it's important to equip people with the resources they need to do the job you're asking them to do. This wisdom has been a guiding light in my journey and was passed on from one of my advisors, April Anthony.

My Role as a Faros Health Advisor

As an advisor, I blend strategy with mentorship, guidance, and support. Whether celebrating milestones or tackling hurdles, my involvement fosters resilience and inspires a culture that embraces innovation and impact.

My Vision for Faros Health

Faros is disruptive in a way that will drive change, demand accountability, and put power into the patient's hands. Faros is not just envisioning a better healthcare experience for consumers; they're actively building it.

Final Thoughts

I love collaborating with passionate individuals and empowering entrepreneurs. I'm thrilled to be an advisor for Faros Health and part of a movement dedicated to transforming a broken healthcare system.

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