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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Faros cost?

With a per-employee per-month price structure, Faros makes recouping costs easy by equipping the entire employee base to find low-cost care from day one. Reach out to our sales team to get a custom quote.

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How is Faros different from other vendors?

Faros provides a holistic picture of healthcare options to empower employees to make educated decisions. By combining quality assessments with upfront out-of-pocket cost estimates, employees can understand the tradeoffs between providers and evaluate the best option for their needs. Faros even includes line-by-line cost visibility so employees can anticipate all costs involved in an episode of care. The all-in-one search platform complete with price transparency differentiates Faros from other vendors on the market and gives employees insight into what a procedure will truly cost, based on their plan, deductible, and historical patient data. 

What’s behind Faros’s proprietary value score?

The Faros value score is a data-driven analysis of Quality Outcomes + Patient Experience over Cost of Care. These metrics are a culmination of millions of historical claims, dozens of specialty specific quality outcomes measures, and thousands of patient reviews from every corner of the web. The value score allows employees to assess the most cost-effective, highest-quality provider at-a-glance.

 How do employees engage with Faros?

Employees can easily access Faros on their mobile or desktop and search by specialty, provider, condition, or procedure code to find the highest-quality, most cost-effective provider for their needs.

How does Faros support employee utilization throughout the year?

Faros provides marketing materials, video, posters, and email templates to equip HR teams to educate and engage their employee base. In addition to education materials, Faros assigns patient advocates to help employees navigate their journey, along with training, lunch and learns, and specific interventions to walk-through how to use Faros most effectively.

Does Faros have data on providers across the entire USA?

Yes, Faros covers the entire U.S. with over 1,000,000# physicians represented (All Clinicians in the U.S.)

How accurate are the cost estimates for procedures?

Faros Health’s detailed estimates rely on historical claims data to predict trends for each provider. While Faros cannot guarantee the cost of care due to the unique nature of every patient’s case, upfront estimates serve as directional guidance to route employees to the highest value care, giving them line-by-line insight into the all-in cost of a procedure.

How often are cost estimates updated?

Our data is updated monthly to ensure the most recent performance indicators are captured in a timely fashion.

How does Faros integrate with my existing plan design?

Faros sits on top of the plan design you have in place and helps employees make decisions based on in-network providers, customized to their specific plan selection.

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