Benefits brokers are discussing healthcare point solutions like Faros Health ENLIGHT.
Benefits brokers are discussing healthcare point solutions like Faros Health ENLIGHT.

Bring a simple, holistic and non-disruptive healthcare search tool to your clients.

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An employee benefit that benefits everyone

Offer your self-funded clients a high-impact, cost-effective benefit for the entire workforce, not just a select few.

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Non-disruptive and customized

Faros sits on top of your client's current plan, integrating employees’ selections to provide in-network guidance.

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Personalized, high-touch support

With our simple implementation process and meaningful engagement touch points, Faros drives adoption and engagement to maximize utilization.  

Enterprise-level security

Faros Health is dedicated to data integrity, ensuring robust protection. Faros ENLIGHT is a HIPAA-compliant and SOC-2 certified platform.

Faros Health ENLIGHT cost estimate breakdown showing total cost for entire episode of care.

Defining true transparency

Empower informed decisions with upfront insights into costs for the entire episode of care, showcasing how choices of doctors and facilities influence the overall cost.


Cost-savings icon depicts how Faros Health ENLIGHT saves employers significant money on healthcare spend.

Reduce healthcare costs

By enabling employees to access high-quality, low-cost care, employers and employees experience significant cost savings.  

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Remove the fear of the unknown

Knowing expected out-of-pocket costs in advance empowers employees to confidently make informed decisions.

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Boost efficiency for HR

Self-service tools and health literacy resources reduce questions directed to human resources, saving valuable time.

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Maximize employee engagement

Faros Health provides high-touch support, co-branded materials, and education to drive employee engagement.  

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Improve return-to-work time

High-quality care supports optimal health outcomes, allowing employees to avoid complications and unnecessary time off work.

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Increase patient satisfaction

Offering a simple way for all employees to access quality care improves satisfaction and supports overall wellbeing.

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From primary care providers to surgical specialists and
everything in between.

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Faros Health is a total transparency tool that combines quality-of-care rankings, patient experience, and cost data to help employees make an informed decision.

By grading providers on a proprietary total value scale, Faros surfaces the highest-value care.

With estimated out-of-pocket costs, plus visibility into line items like imaging, surgery, and physical therapy, employees understand what procedures will truly cost. This equips them to make better decisions from the start and reduces the stress caused by surprise bills.


What does Faros Health offer?

Faros Health offers an employer-sponsored benefit for self-funded companies. Similar to Expedia or Kayak but for healthcare, our search tool provides a simple way for employees to search and find their best care options.

What’s behind the Faros Health Total Value Score?

Our proprietary, data-driven methodology is comprised of billions of historical claims, specialty-specific outcome measures, cost data and extensive patient feedback to determine the Faros Health Total Value Score.

What's the cost?

Faros Health’s offering is an employer-sponsored benefit for self-funded companies. With an affordable, per-employee, per-year price structure, Faros readily delivers a return on investment by equipping the entire employee base to easily find high-quality, low-cost care for themselves and their dependents.

How do employees engage with Faros?

Employees can easily access Faros on their desktop or mobile device and search by specialty, provider, condition, or procedure code to find the highest-quality, most cost-effective provider for their unique needs.

Is the Faros platform secure and HIPAA compliant?

Data privacy and security is our greatest priority. The Faros platform is HIPAA compliant and SOC 2 certified assuring that any sensitive patient data is protected and remains confidential. Faros Health will never disclose an employee's personal health information.

Learn how Faros can help add value for your self-funded clients.